Dr. Sweitzer is a proud native of Moorpark, CA and is happy to have returned home to raise his family. He received his BS in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior in 2003 and his DVM in 2009 from UC Davis. He also has 10 years of experience as a veterinary assistant and registered veterinary technician. His human family includes his wife Angela, an amazing groomer, and his son and daughter. Their animal family includes their three cats (Cheyenne, Bonnie and Clyde) and two golden retrievers, Buster and Betty. Dr. Sweitzer has owned numerous exotic pets and loves raising litters of orphaned kittens.

Dr. Sweitzer’s personal interests include dance, music, games, and bad puns and jokes. He is very passionate about the sport of field hockey. He has played since 1990 and also enjoys coaching and umpiring the sport in his spare time. His professional interests include behavior, teaching, business management, canine, feline, exotic, and emergency animal medicine. Dr. Sweitzer has written articles for magazine columns, blog posts, and educational articles and given numerous presentations on his veterinary interests. He has taken additional courses and training in the behavior field and is a big advocate of positive reinforcement. Dr. Sweitzer believes that the path to the solution is as important as the final result.

Dr. Sweitzer is the Intern Director at CVVH, and actively teaches and mentors both veterinarians, students, and technicians. In addition to his clinical and teaching work, he is a board member for the leading veterinary mental health non-profit called Not One More Vet, Inc. He helps support over 18,000 veterinarians in both mental health and suicide prevention, lecturing nationally at conferences and colleges. He believes that together we can provide better care for our patients, our clients, and ourselves.