Eye Care for Your Pet

The professionals at Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital believe that treatment for diseases of the eyes and visual pathways is an important part of maximizing your pet’s quality of life. Our veterinarians provide the highest level of care for animals with ocular diseases and include eye exams as a routine part of the pet wellness visit.
Golden Retriever

Diagnosing Eye Diseases & Conditions in Pets

Animals suffer from eye problems that are similar to those that affect humans. Between regular wellness visits, if your pet is squinting, rubbing his or her eyes, or if there is any swelling, redness, or discharge, he or she needs to be seen by one of our veterinarians immediately.

Our hospital is equipped with highly specialized equipment used to evaluate and diagnose eye issues, including:

  • Tonometry to measure intraocular pressure to diagnosis glaucoma
  • Fluorescein stain to diagnose corneal scratches or ulcers
  • Schirmer tear test strips to diagnose KCS or “dry eye”
  • Slit lamp for evaluation of the anterior chamber of the eye
  • Ophthalamoscopes for retinal exams

Although we do not have a veterinary ophthalmologist on staff, all of our doctors are trained to evaluate the eyes of all animals and can diagnose and treat many diseases and injuries. Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital doctors believe that no eye problem is too small to worry about, and we take all ocular issues very seriously. Should a patient come in with a condition that we believe needs more complex attention, such as cataract surgery, we will provide you with a referral to a board-certified ophthalmologist.

Long-Term Care of Pet Eye Disease

After the critical phase of ocular disease is past, we are equipped to follow up with long-term care of ocular needs. In addition, we carry a wide variety of ocular medications in our pet pharmacy, such as antibiotics and pain relievers for treatment of your pet’s eye problem. The veterinarians and staff of Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital strive to provide your pet with quality, compassionate, state-of-the-art ocular treatment.