Wellness, Preventative Care, Advanced Diagnostics, and Expertise just Below a Specialty Hospital

CVVH: Veterinary Services

Whatever your veterinary needs—advanced diagnostic services, internal medicine, surgery, or emergency and critical care—Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital is available to care for your companion animal 24 hours a day. Our comprehensive services and large group of doctors provide the experience and skill to address all the needs of your pet.

We Treat a Wide Variety of Pets

Our veterinary team is skilled in the care of dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, rodents, reptiles, and many other kinds of animal companions. Professionals with the knowledge and experience to provide the highest level of patient care will always care for your pet. As the largest veterinary practice in Ventura County, we are able to offer each patient extraordinary quality and superior medical expertise with a team approach.

Services Offered at Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital

Bring your pet to Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital for comprehensive veterinary service, advanced technology, and compassionate care.