Vet Appreciation: Vets

Veterinary Medicine can be a very rewarding profession. Our doctors here at Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital strive to provide our patients with a positive and caring experience. “Many [Veterinarians] do 9 years of post-high school education, frequent continuing education courses, constant research, reading and discussion to try to provide you and your pets with the best possible care” states Dr. Jason Sweitzer.

Vet Appreciation Day is June 18th, and we want to give a shout out to all our hard working and compassionate doctors.

This profession not only has a positive impact on the client’s or owners of the animals, but also on the doctors themselves. We were able to interview a few of our Veterinarians to see what parts of their daily routine makes their job worthwhile.

Dr. Kelly Watrobski
Dr. Kelly Watrobski

Dr. Kelly Watrobski shares the positive experiences on others as well as her own:

Positive Impacts On Others Lives:

  • Being a voice for animals, who don’t have a voice, to make sure they get the care they need and deserve.
  • Protecting the human animal bond: helping to build healthy relationships between animals and people, keeping pets healthy, and teaching owners how to best care for their animals. .

Positive Impacts On Her Life:

  • She feels like she is living a life of purpose. Each day she is doing something to help others and make other’s lives better. Her goal has always been to live a life of purpose and she feels she has found it by helping pets and their owners.
  • Meeting so many wonderful people and true friends – from Vet School to Conejo Staff to her clients. She has found true friendships.
Hilary Lookingbill, DVM
Dr. Hilary Lookingbill

Dr. Hilary Lookingbill shares some of the positive impacts she has encountered while practicing Veterinary Medicine:

  • Veterinarians can have a positive impact on helping people (indirectly) through their animals.
  • Our animals provide us with such tremendous emotional support and companionship, and we as veterinarians can help foster that bond and keep the pets healthy.
  • She also finds it to be very rewarding when she is challenged with diagnosing a pet and being able to nurse it back to health.

Our doctors receive compliments not only from their fellow colleagues but also from their clients. When the Veterinarians get reviews on Yelp or Google, it acts as justification to how they feel they are impacting the people and animals around them. On Google, Jennifer G. wrote:

“We just want to give a big shout out to Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital! If it wasn’t for the nurses, doctors and staff my Summer girl would not be with us today. Thanks to these amazing people who work longs hours, answer any questions that we have, and let us stay as long as we want, our baby girl is now slowly recovering. We have brought both our dogs here for the last 4 years and are always taken care of. Thank You Everyone!”

Our Veterinarians value the positive feedback they receive as this is a very demanding and difficult profession to be apart of.

Jason Sweitzer, DVM
Dr. Jason Sweitzer

Dr. Jason Sweitzer states that he has “saved countless lives with his team and colleagues and have been entrusted with the care of thousands of pets and yet each one still gets to feel like a brand new friend.” As animal lovers and pet owners, we can relate and appreciate the time and attention the Veterinarian gives to our beloved family members, so on June 18th do not forget to reach out to your Veterinarian and thank them for all that they do.

Vet Appreciation: Pets
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