Traveling For The Summer

Summer has officially arrived and we all know that traveling is on the top of your list. The biggest question is what are you going to do with your pets while you are away? Are you going to bring them with you, get an in-home pet sitter, or are you going to board them at your local Pet Resort? 

We all know that pets feel most comfortable when they are in their own home, but here at Conejo Valley Vet Hospital, we strive to make your pets feel just as comfortable and right at home. The benefits of checking your pet into our state of the art pet hotel are endless: 

  • Safe and Stress Free Environment
  • Veterinarian on premise 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Doggy Day Camp available 
  • Well trained staff that knows how to properly care for your animal
  • One on one time with our staff
  • At least 6 walks a day to let your pet stretch their legs and have bathroom breaks
  • Web Cameras located in select suites so you can watch your pets from wherever you are
  • Text updates with information and pictures

Boarding your pets in a local Pet Hotel like ours is a great option while you are out traveling and enjoying your summer vacations. One of our Boarding Supervisors, Andrea, says that boarding your animals with us give you “comfort in knowing your pet is being taken care of by people who treat your animals as if they were their own.”

Come in and take a tour of our Pet Resort today! We offer tours daily and would love to show you where your pet will stay, while you are away! 

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