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Eli L. Avatar

5 star rating These are the best, most caring vets and techs I've ever met. This is the only place I will take my animals, even if I live in Simi. They care about every pet and every person and are kind on the wallet if they hear u have financial troubles.

Eli L. 10/16/2018
Wynter Kennedy Avatar

Unfortunately, during the course of a very difficult time when our sweet boxer boy was diagnosed with brain cancer, we had the opportunity to visit several different emergency vets. I wish I had found Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital back then.

We went in for a scratched cornea on our new boxer rescue. They were wonderful, warm, caring and so fast. I... (read more)

Wynter Kennedy 10/09/2018
Diane M. Avatar

5 star rating My dog was attacked by a pit bull on a trail in Thousand Oaks.  When I brought in my golden to this hospital, I will still traumatized by the event. I cannot say enough about how unbelievably understanding and empathetic the staff were when I arrived with my dog.  Their compassion and quick attention to my dog was beyond anything I could have expected.  Fortunately,... (read more)

Diane M. 10/03/2018
Nathan S. Avatar

5 star rating My go-to pet hospital. Everything you need under one roof to make sure your pet is happy and healthy while at home or on vacation.

Nathan S. 9/29/2018
Gretchen Anderson Avatar

We had to take out dog into the pet hospital on a saturday night, and because we just moved, we had to find a nice hospital to take our pet to. From the minute we got into the pet hospital, it was the best experience. Nobody ever wants to take their pet to a hospital, but Conejo Valley was just amazing. They got us seen... (read more)

Gretchen Anderson 9/27/2018
Cardeno 60 Avatar

I rescue various animals and recently came across a severely neglected and damaged chicken. The staff accomodated my last minute call to bring in this poor hen, cleaned and sutured the open wounds and provided antibiotics and pain med for my aftercare. Dr. Hughes and his staff provided exceptional service and care. The hospital share our love for our animals! I highly recommend this hospital... (read more)

Cardeno 60 9/26/2018
Christina G. Avatar

5 star rating This past week. Our old man Spazz, he is a cat got out and hit by a car. Long story short we rushed him over to the emergency vet.  They took him right away. First thing they said he is in pain can they give him a pain shot.  The wanted him to be in as little pain as possible. The staff was sweet. When... (read more)

Christina G. 9/22/2018
Dane F. Avatar

5 star rating Well, I use to have a vet in Oak Park for many years for the care of my dogs.  Last year (2017) I decided to try this vet after being price gouged by my previous vet.  Seems my previous vet recommended things for the dogs that weren't needed and expensive.   The vets at this place are simply amazing.  Sadly, I had to put down... (read more)

Dane F. 9/21/2018
Corinne R. Avatar

5 star rating I have been to several area veterinary clinics. I found myself here just three months ago. My 13 year old Bischon starting limping and the two other Vets I had seen could not diagnose him. After my dog max was seen here they did X-rays and found a small tumor started him on medications but the tumor grew so large in just over 4 weeks.... (read more)

Corinne R. 9/17/2018
Cathi M. Avatar

5 star rating I've lived in the area for over 20 years and have never taken my pets anywhere else.  All the doctors are great; I've never had a bad experience.  I don't have to wait for an appointment, and there is even a 24 hour emergency clinic.  A few years ago they moved to a huge new facility, and now have grooming, boarding, and day care.  They... (read more)

Cathi M. 9/16/2018
Tegan J. Avatar

5 star rating Incredibly grateful to CVVH for taking care of my baby girl!  I made the drive from Ventura because my vet wasn't available today, and I was really worried about her!  We didn't have to wait long at all and Dr. Hughs took really good care of her.  Dr. Newman did her surgery and called to let me know how she was doing.  Overall I'm very... (read more)

Tegan J. 9/15/2018
Linda W. Avatar

5 star rating My 20lb dog was bitten several times in the face by a baby rattlesnake. What a nightmare.

I was able to get to CVVH in 20 min. They took her right away. They couldn't make any promises, but I felt that she was going to be ok. I was thinking I wanted to bring a her home. They let me go in the back to see... (read more)

Linda W. 9/14/2018
Kennedy K. Avatar

5 star rating Dr. Kane and staff are amazing!! Highly recommend! If i could give more stars i would! You will not be disappointed if you come to this vet!

Kennedy K. 9/14/2018
Kimberly Crowell Avatar

I highly recommend this vet hospital! Everyone was was extremely compassionate. The doctor listened to my concerns and completed a very thorough examine. She explained everything she was doing and why she was doing it! Outstanding service and care. Do not hesitate to bring your beloved pets here. They will take excellent care of them.

Kimberly Crowell 9/11/2018
Diana F. Avatar

5 star rating We had the best experience here, very friendly staff, facility is beautiful and clean, and they are open on weekends!  Highly recommended.

Diana F. 8/29/2018
Nina R. Avatar

5 star rating i brought my baby, hiro, in at 2am because he had ingested my other dog's medicine, and the doctors were so helpful and understanding. I was helped promptly, and when i found out that he would have to stay overnight, i was given a phone number that i could text for updates! i am so happy with this animal hospital, and it's my first choice... (read more)

Nina R. 8/27/2018
Cindy Fischer Avatar

They are so caring, professional, take time to talk to you, as long as it takes so if you have to wait in their amazing waiting room with free coffee and water, it is worth it the wait. Our kitty is still there, had surgery yesterday and they asked us to visit him today because he was lonely. Dr. Sweitzer spent time with us, explaining... (read more)

Cindy Fischer 8/25/2018
Denise S. Avatar

5 star rating I brought my 12 year old Westie in for an exam because he was behaving very listless and refusing to eat. Dr. Yoakam examined him and found his lymph nodes were enlarged. She did x-rays and lab work and advised us that she would call the next day with results. She called and advised us that he had tested positive for lymphoma and discussed some... (read more)

Denise S. 8/25/2018
Heidi Lese Avatar

My cat is currently hospitalized in the ICU unit and the staff, doctors and vet techs are amazing. I feel so much better knowing that my loved one is being treated competently and with compassion. I've been so worried and sad about my cat but I always get my questions answered promptly and feel better after I get updates. I visit frequently and am always... (read more)

Heidi Lese 8/22/2018
Rita Lee Avatar

They are all so awesome there. We take our rabbits and chickens there because no other vets will see them. They always go above and beyond, and twice they didn't even charge for the visits.

Also, it's nicer than most human hospitals!

Rita Lee 8/09/2018