ConejoVet Veterinary Technicians

Veterinary technicians are a veterinarian’s right hand. The doctors rely on them for treatments and to make sure their patients are being well taken care of during their stay in the hospital. Whether it is a basic treatment of expressing anal glands or a major procedure such as a surgery, vet technicians play a large role in the veterinary field.  The week of October 14 is recognized as Veterinary Technician Week, and we want to thank all of these hard working individuals for dedicating their time and efforts to helping animals in need.

Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital has roughly about 50 vet techs that we will be recognizing from October 14 – 20.  We reached out to a few of our fellow technicians to see what their favorite part of the job was.

Sarah Szirbik said that her favorite part of being a tech is “getting to be the voice for our patients and making sure they get the appropriate care by communicating to doctors and owners for them, it is very rewarding.”

Armando Perez said that his favorite part of being a tech was getting to work with exotics such as snakes, lizards and birds. He also enjoys making nervous or scared animals feel more comfortable and relaxed while they are in the hospital.

Jonell Kane, RVT stated that her favorite part of being a tech is “being able to find a solution to an animals problem and getting the pet and owners through this difficult time with treatment and TLC.”

Josue Gonzalez enjoys making patients feel better and being able to be the voice for all these animals that aren’t able to speak to us.

Being a Vet Technician can be a very difficult job, but at the end of the day it is extremely rewarding. We want to thank all of the technicians in the Veterinary Field for their hard work and dedication to helping all animals in need.

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