Benefits of Doggy Day Care

All dogs are social creatures, but the ability to have a happy hang session with other dogs isn’t something all pups are born with – it is learned through verbal and physical cues during their social experiences.

While structured training can provide dogs some guidance, doggy daycare is a great way to introduce your pup to the “do’s” and “don’ts” of dog social behavior. The daycare experience has also been helpful in aiding dogs with anxiety or distrust of people outside of their human family.

Our daily lives can be hectic while we juggle 40-hour work weeks on top of family obligations and our own social calendar, and due to this sometimes our pups aren’t able to exercise as often as they should. This lack of exercise can lead to acting out in some unfavorable ways. Doggy daycare gives dogs the opportunity to run and jump and play in a supervised environment, which can help drain some of that energy and decrease negative behaviors.

Dr. Stephanie Lipp recently welcomed a new pup into her family and expressed how doggy daycare has helped their new furry friend adapt. “Having Maya in daycare at Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital has allowed our family to adopt an active herding breed from the shelter. CVVH’s daycare helps Maya expend a lot of her energy while teaching her vital social skills. She has learned proper doggy etiquette and she has learned to trust humans because of the caring, dedicated staff that interact with her while she plays with her friends.”

CVVH’s Pet Resort is happy to offer doggy daycare as it gives dogs the opportunity to do what they do best – be dogs!

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